Join us to make Working, Earning, and Living on Purpose a Reality

  • Self-organizing the work was only the beginning


    Game changing practices like Holacracy® have given us new ways of distributing power and structuring work in pursuit of Organizational Purpose.


    ~~ NOW ~~


    Emerging models for distributing profits and equity - dynamically - are inspiring new ways to think about investing, ownership and earning a living.


    ~~ AND ~~


    Teal has come to describe how organizations and work are being reinvented. Wholeness, transparency and autonomy are now baseline expectations when contributing time, energy and talent toward a Purpose greater than self. Living and working in a diverse community of purpose-aligned individuals is the cultural norm for a new world of work.


  • encode.org

    Agreements, Software and Services for the New World of Work

  • Ready to continue the journey?


    We're looking for partners, select service providers, and new purpose aligned clients.

    Join us to create an emerging world of Self-organizing Enterprises
    where working, earning, and living on purpose is a reality.

    Ready now or just a little curious?

    Either way, we'd love to hear from you.



  • Purpose Agents

    Membership of encode.org is dynamic and agile in all ways. A manually generated list will always be "incomplete," as we model "easy in, easy out" with a focus on how Purpose Agents, not employees, can easily navigate across a global ecosystem of For-Purpose Enterprises using Self-Organizing models. We are currently 10 agents, located across the Americas and Europe, working, earning, and living for the purpose of encode.org, as well as our own, and in almost all cases serving the purpose of other business entities as well. Profiles are arranged by joinder genealogy. Sometimes we all meet for coffee!

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