Join us to make working, earning and living on-purpose a reality

  • Self-organizing the work was only the beginning


    Game changing practices like Holacracy® have given us new ways of distributing power and structuring work in pursuit of Organizational Purpose.


    ~~ NOW ~~


    Emerging models for distributing profits and equity - dynamically - are inspiring new ways to think about investing, ownership and earning a living.


    ~~ AND ~~


    Teal has come to describe how organizations and work are being reinvented. Wholeness, transparency and autonomy are now baseline expectations when contributing time, energy and talent toward a Purpose greater than self. Living and working in a diverse community of purpose-aligned individuals is the cultural norm for a new world of work.


  • encode.org

    Agreements, Software and Services for the New World of Work

  • Encoding Self-Organization Beyond the Work

    Build pathways not only to work on purpose, but to earn, and live on purpose as well.

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    Join us to create an emerging world of Self-organizing Enterprises

    where working, earning and living on-purpose is reality.


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